The Latin American Day


The Latin-American Day 2019 takes place on the 08th and 09th of october in Frankfurt am Main

Continuously updated information are following in the summer of 2019.

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Latin-American Day 2018

Latin-American Day 2017

The Latin American Day (LAT) is the annual conference of the Business Association for Latin America (LAV) and the leading event for German-Latin American business relations.

Latin American and German representatives from industry and politics use this opportunity to showcase the latest developments in the region, and particularly the business opportunities for German companies.

The Latin America Day not only offers in-depth market information but also offers a platform to exchange information and experiences as well as the opportunity to establish new contacts.

The two-day conference is divided into a sector or country day as well as a supra-regional thematic conference, in which trends, problem areas and opportunities for cooperation are shown from different perspectives.

The traditional gala dinner, which has been held since 1949, forms the highlight of Latin American Day.

Every year, the LAV invites the president of a Latin American country to be the guest of honour.

A list of the guests of honour since 1949 can be viewed below.

Guests of honour