The Association for Latin America (LAV) is the networking and information platform for German companies with business interests in Latin America.

The Association for Latin America

The Lateinamerika Verein e.V. (LAV), which was established in 1916 by merchants from Hamburg and Bremen, is the networking and information platform for German companies with business interests in Latin America.

We help companies from all sectors to establish and expand their business activities in Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition, we promote economic, political and social relations between Germany and the countries in the region.

A knowledge transfer and the formation of opinions count among our core tasks. We contribute our recognized expertise – and that of our members – to economic discussions on Latin America. Moreover, we promote and initiate professional movements, bring industry players from both sides together, reinforce contact between decision-makers, and constitute an integral component of the Latin America Initiative of German Business (LAI).

Among our members are companies from both Germany and Latin America – from medium-sized enterprises to global corporations. Associations and public institutions are as much a part of the LAV network as individuals. The board of directors and the executive committee of the LAV is composed of managers and board directors of our member companies.

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The Association for Latin America (LAV) is the network with the highest competence in and about Latin America.

The LAV offers to the enterprises with interests in Latin America precise information, consulting and contacts and thus fosters the economic growth with Latin America.

Beside the conferences, talks and business trips, the annual Latin-American Day is the most important event for the promotion of the German-Latin-American economic relations. The formal dinner is a unique high level event in presence of Latin-American Heads of State.

In order to reinforce the economic relations between Germany and Latin America, the LAV covers micro- and macroeconomic topics. 


The Association for Latin America (LAV) is the recognized business network for the German enterprises in Latin America.

The LAV members are closely connected and personally known to each other.

The LAV events are so attractive and valid that they attract new members and thus strengthen the base of the Association.

The LAV´s statements find attention in the businesses, politics and media.

The LAV is a competent partner for Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Ministries and diplomatic representations of the Latin-American countries in Germany.

The LAV is present in the German centers of trade and commerce.

The LAV is known and appreciated by the Latin-American governments and enterprises.


Rebeca Mendonça

Assistant to the CEO


+49 (0) 40 413 43 143


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