Interested in becoming a LAV member?

…because we network you

  • The LAV networks its members with each other
  • The LAV enables the contact to other potential partners
  • The LAV creates dialog with national and international institutions

…because we provide you with target-oriented information

  • The LAV analyses current developments in latinamerican countries and the Carribean
  • The LAV publishes a weekly press review
  • The LAV provides you with the most important news and background reports of the region

…because we support the dialogue

  • The LAV is represented in joint commissions, interministerial committees and bodies of business and politics
  • In cooperation wtih the BdB, BDI, BGA and the DIHK, the LAV forms the Latin America- initative of the German economy (LAI)
  • The LAV collaborates very close with its partners from the cultural, political, healthcare, and economic sector, moreover we play an active role in all political, social, cultural and economic areas

…because we will inspire your young employees for Latin America

  • The regular meetings and events of the LAV- Young Professionals inform not only about political, social, cultural and economic topics on Latin America, they also serve as a network for personal exchange
  • The ambassadors of the LAV-Young Professionals support the network in Latin America
  • The network of the LAV-Young Professionals is free of charge for the employees of our members
Our services

For a personal contact available:

Rebeca Mendonça

Assistant to the CEO

+49 (0) 40 413 43 143