Consulting and networking

The Lateinamerika Verein (LAV) is the network for industry players with business interests in Latin America. It supports and advises its members on establishing and expanding their business activities in the region. The association brings members together, and enables contact with potential business partners and dialogue with national and international political decision-makers as well as domestic and foreign institutions from the political, economical, cultural and social sector. Besides that, the LAV provides its members with information to improve the knowledge transfer and by that it aims to simplify your opinion making.

With great commitment we promote the exchange and communication at all levels with Latin America and the Carribean. Because of that we have taken on the task to emphasise the significance of these two regions. In collaboration with our associates, the European- Latinamerican Arbitration Center (ELArb), the Instituto Cervantes and the German HealthCare Alliance (GHA), we are constantly working on the enhancement of economical, cultural, political and social structures between Germany, Europe, Latin America and the Carribean. Moreover at the political level we hold strong ties to federal ministries and embassys from Latin America and the Carribean.

In addition to that our members recieve a weekly press review which contains the most important news and background reports of the region.


One of our core concepts is the organisation and implementation of events: The LAV organises around 50 events every year in close cooperation with its members, embassies, public institutions and expert associations, including industry-specific and general delegation trips for market research purposes. These include cultural events, economic days, confrences, matchmakings as well as business trips. Not only our nationwide events in Germany are characterised by high ranking members of politics, economy and culture, also our business trips to Latin America find favour at the highest political level.

The leading event in the German-Latinamerican business relations calendar is the annual Latin American Day hosted by the LAV.

Job market

With the aim of networking and communciation, we enable you to publish job and internship offers in Europe and Latin America via the association's internet portal. This service can be used for free by everybody – members and non-members of the association-- . Companies, institutions as well as people related to Latin America find each other via our platform.

It is possible to publish job offers on the internet portal of the association. However, the LAV does not operate as an active employment agency.