The organisation

Orlando Baquero


CV Orlando Baquero


Orlando Baquero, Diplom Kaufmann (Universität Hamburg). Geboren in Bogotá, Kolumbien, führte ihn sein beruflicher Werdegang über verschiedene Unternehmen der Nahrungsmittel- und Pharmaindustrie sowie des Agrarprodukthandels in mehrere Länder Lateinamerikas und nach Deutschland. Er ist Mitglied des Vorstandes der ELArb European-Latinamerican Arbitration Association und Hauptgeschäftsführer des LAV.

Rebeca de Saules Mendonça

Assistant to the CEO

+49 (0) 40 413 43 144

CV Rebeca de Saules Mendonça


Rebeca Mendonça studierte in Brasilien und Deutschland Biologie und hat ihren Master in „International Agriculture Sciences“ an der Humboldt Universität absolviert. Sie war langjährig beim DAAD, Außenstelle Rio de Janeiro, als Sachbearbeiterin tätig und verantwortlich für das DAAD Promotionsstipendiumprogramm, sowie für die Organisation von diversen DAAD Marketing-Veranstaltungen. Beim LAV ist sie Assistentin der Geschäftsführung.

Heidi Westendarp

Communications & PR

+49 (0) 40 413 43 142

CV Heidi Westendarp


Heidi Westendarp was born in Santiago de Chile and studied Advertising/Publicity and Communication there. She worked for several years as an Account Manager/Consultant in design, communication and advertising agencies, then moved to the corporate side and was responsible for offline and online marketing, before moving to Germany in 2014. In Germany, she has previously worked in communications, online marketing, languages, advertising & events. 

Ulrike Göldner

Regional Manager for Cuba, Ecuador, Central America, Dominican Republic, Mexiko, Peru

+49 (0) 40 413 43 145

CV Ulrike Göldner


Ulrike Göldner, MA in Latin American Studies/Musicology (FU/HU Berlin), worked at the Brazilian Cultural Institute ICBRA and co-founded the bilingual magazine BRAZINE. She founded and ran the Agency for Information and Cultural Exchange Brazil-Germany ACIBRA.

Betina Sachsse

Regional Manager for Brazil and non-Spanish speaking countries of Latin America / LAV-Young Professionals Coordinator

+49 (0) 40 413 43 151

CV Betina Sachsse


Betina Sachsse, born in Rio de Janeiro, studied Literature and Conference Interpreting in her birthplace as well as in Heidelberg. She was Partner in the maritime consultancy "Business with Brasil", a Manager at the Cultural Institute of the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin and a Language Mediator at Daimler AG in Stuttgart and Juiz de Fora.

Bettina Sieveking

Administration and Accounting

+49 (0) 40 413 43 141

CV Bettina Sieveking


Bettina Sieveking

Christoph G. Schmitt


CV Christoph Schmitt


Christoph G. Schmitt was born in Bogotá (Colombia) and is a Wwholesale and Foreign Trade Merchant. His career took him to Latin America and Germany via various trading houses and industrial companies with a focus on machinery and equipment for the food and agro-industry. He served as the LAV's chief executive officer for 15 years and has been the honorary head of the culture department since January 2019.

Marcela Melo

Regional Manager for Colombia, Paraguay and Venezuela

+49 (0) 40 413 43 150

CV Marcela Melo


Marcela Melo, born in Bogota, Colombia, studied International Relations and Psychology at the Universidad del Rosario in her hometown. She also holds a Master's degree in Peace Research and Security Policy from the University of Hamburg. Previously, she worked as Chief of Staff and Assistant to the Executive Director of the EU-LAC International Foundation and participated in several projects to deepen multilateral relations between the European Union and Latin America.

Our LAV - Commissioners

Matthias Kleinhempel

Commissioner in Argentina

Cecilia Mackenna

Commissioner in Chile

Thomas Wagner

Commissioner in Mexiko

Daniel Breitenmoser

Commissioner in Switzerland

Christian Roschmann

Commissioner in Brazil

Roberto Echeverría

Commissioner in Colombia

Karl Maslo

Commissioner in Peru